Your personal Nanny designed to seamlessly look after your finance

We combined fully automated budget tracker, knowing that this is primary tool to know your cash flow. To ensure that you won`t forget to enter a single expense we connected Nanny with the read only access to the bank account so it knows exactly what you`re spending and what you receiving. Its absolutely safe as we access only transactions but not your banking details!

Having done the step one, we added other tools:

  • weekly and monthly allowance based on your financial goals and current financial situation
  • offers around me to make sure you get more for less
  • instant purchases adviser. The important part of smart money management to know when you can afford or when you better afford it a bit later
  • subscription notification. Make sure you pay only for subscriptions you use but not for those made by your toddler or simply forgotten to cancel.
  • Nanny would like to know its user to be able to give the budget optimization tips. Incorporated AI would learn the spending habits and provide some tips and suggestions on how to optimise the budget to achieve your goals in shorter time without any hard saving efforts.
Alpha version operates with 5 UAE banks



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Offers around me

The list of available offers around the user, which can be obtained by simply paying with one of the bank cards. Small step to a big shift.

Coming soon


Automatically tracks your connected accounts


plans weekly and monthly allowance based on monthly expenses and financial goals


automated categorization of the expenses

Advises on instant purchases

Its always good to have someone to honesty tell you if you can afford it right now or better wait a bit

Smart Money Managment

budget optimisation tips based on financial habits


Avoid unnecessary subscriptions and pay only for what you are using


Alert for the unusually high bills or payments

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