The most intuitive finance app ever

Personal money management is a problem for more people than not.
It could be laziness, bad with numbers, scared of the truth, or even
existing just above the bread line.
Money Nanny aggregates and processes all the user’s financial data and intuitively operates like the user’s conscience: advising when overspending occurs, suggesting a spending allowance based on financial situation and goals. It advises on the spontaneous purchases too – just at a tap of the screen.

Money Nanny not only looks after your finance but it provides you with the different offers and promotions, which you are eligible for. It helps you to spend less without compromising on the life style.

We’ve made it easier to navigate than working out your next move on Candy Crush. But even better, without any effort on your behalf, it teaches about fiscal responsibility through repetition and reward. It’s a tutorial in disguise.

Money Nanny doesn’t access your bank account at the moment, however it will require your authorization to access the text messages. It receives transaction details from sms from the bank.

We operate with 5 UAE banks



Awesome features

Coming soon


Automatically tracks the account


The list of available discounts and offers based on your bank cards


plans weekly and monthly allowance based on monthly expenditures and financial goals


automated categorization of the expenses


what if scenarios and advises on spontaneous purchases

Budget optimisation

budget optimisation tips based on financial habits


Subscription check and follow up


Alert for the unusually high bills or payments

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